Top Acheiver Awards 2019

MalaysiaTop Achievers

The Malaysia Top Achievers 2023 is presented to honour the successful and outstanding performances of top achievers in Malaysia. It is expected to be one of the most dynamic and inspirational events of the year, unfolding and recognising top achievers in Malaysia that have contributed tremendous devotions towards the prosperity of the economy in the region.

This prestigious event is conceptualised by a team of global professionals, to recognise the achievements of the leaders across all sectors in Malaysia and to honour their great contributions towards the economic and nation building development that had brought them and their establishments to superb decrees of achievements. These acknowledgements will also foster motivation to other leaders to take the extra miles in nurturing a more promising future.

Award Objectives

Highlight the success and outstanding performance of achievers in Malaysia

Recognise the contribution of achievers to Malaysia economy

An evening of recognition, glamour splendor and gathering to foster friendship and build new bridges in business

The recognition acts as an exemplary and motivation to other leaders in Malaysia


To determine the award winners, the evaluation will be conducted based on the following criteria. The criteria developed is based on organisational/individual contributions to society and their significance. Criteria is divided into two categories:



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